Nature always offers healing if you are looking for it. A guide can help you. That is the purpose of the individual walk. You have a question and you go to work on it. For two or three hours. Each walk is unique and tailored to you.


As a guide, An offers various methods. She draws on her experiences with reiki, shamanic work and her activities as a nature guide and artist. Through a combination of spiritual and scientific biological perspectives, she leads you on your personal journey through the Sonian forest, a forest whose subsoil has always been forest, since the last Ice Age more than ten thousand years ago. And you can feel that.


A squirrel rustling in the canopy of a beech tree, a jay flying overhead, the fruit laden branches of the elder drawing your attention... The forest is a world of abundance and each element can contribute metaphorically to the solution of your problem, in the short or long term.

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